Our History

The Forbes family has spent over a century promoting capitalism and free market trade as a catalyst for creating and building wealth.


B.C. Forbes founded what became one of the oldest family-owned business publications in the United States, featuring original articles on finance, industry, investing and marketing.


The publication spurred the flagship Forbes 400, an annual catalogue of the world’s wealthiest individuals. Today, Forbes magazine continues to be one of the preeminent sources of information for families, businesses and entrepreneurs.


Like our founders, Forbes Family Trust continues the tradition of building wealth and lifestyle goals for future generations. In 2009, Forbes Family Trust opened its doors to the world’s wealthiest families and individuals.


In 2017, Forbes Family Trust partnered with one of the industry’s leading investment strategy firms, Wealth Partners Capital Group


Forbes Family Trust manages investments for more than 70 ultra-high net worth families. We take pride in treating each client as an extension of our own family, working closely together to preserve and grow wealth.

“Money is not wealth.
It is a measurement of wealth.”